Best Restaurants in Goa Explored During Wedding Visit to Mapusa

Best Restaurants in Goa Explored During Wedding Visit to Mapusa

This story dates back a year ago when I visited Goa with my family to attend my cousin’s destination wedding. Though we headed to Goa for the wedding our prime objective was to explore the city in those 10 days (5 for the wedding+5 our personal vacation).  We were stationed at Mapusa before shifting to to the wedding venue, which was situated in Panaji.

Our Mapusa itinerary, including a stop at one of the best restaurants in Goa

We had a checklist of places that we wanted to explore in and around Mapusa. Let me get you through various places and one of the best restaurants in Goa that needs special mention during our vacation.

  • Jerome Church: This church is said to be 407 years old build on the old ruins of main Pagoda. This church being built on an old Hindu temple site is sacred to Hindus as well as the Christians. The place is peaceful with an exquisite Portuguese architecture.
  • Bogdeshwar temple: This temple is dedicated to lord Bogdeshwar situated on the outskirts of the city. This temple is beautifully built and attracts a number of devotees. Not to forget the topmost among the best restaurants in Goa Navtara is located just opposite to it.
  • Mapusa Friday bazaar: Though it has nothing special to offer but on Friday you can get a number of things at one place that includes fish, wine, tribal jewellery, beach wear and a sundry of items.

About the king of the best restaurants in Goa “Navtara”

Now coming to the restaurant located opposite to Bogdeshwar temple “Navtara”. It is unique in its own way because it serves pure vegetarian food that is hard to locate in Goa. We tried this restaurant even when we are non-vegetarians and to our surprise we didn’t feel the need to try a non-veg restaurant.  Their delicacies were incredible especially idli wada and stuffed parathas. After eating their delicious food I find that it was THE BEST if not one of the best restaurants in Goa.

Navtara’s succulent menu


Navtara’s Idli wada served along chutney and sambhar makes a wholesome breakfast, lunch and dinner. The authentic south Indian flavors make it even more ravenous. Stuffed paratha include potato filling, paneer filling and several other options to choose from. You can have it along with curd and spicy pickles. Another thing that I enjoyed about this place was that they are scattered all around Goa. They have 10 branches all around city so you can devour your favorite meal in any Navtara restaurant that is also one of the best restaurants in Goa.

Their uncompromising hygiene standards 

The Navtara restaurants are clean, hygienic well managed and has a hospitable staff. There services are fast even when they usually have a heavy traffic each day. Once you are full you can proceed on to other tourist attraction like Aguada Fort, Ozran beach and St.sebastian Chapel that are in the vicinity. This was the itinerary that we followed before finally heading to the wedding venue. But we didn’t leave a chance to visit Navtara and feast on their delicious offering. We did recommended other people too to visit Navtara the best restaurant in Goa to have any meal whether breakfast, lunch or  dinner while they are touring around the city of Goa.